Medical Centre Cleaning Melbourne

We provide a wide range of cleaning services to healthcare service operators which includes: –

  • Medical clinics, Offices for dentists, physios, chiropractors and other medical facilities.
  • Medical buildings, Operation theatres

Our medical clinic services include the cleaning of: –

  • Main entrance doors
  • Reception area clean and sanitise
  • Patients and visitors waiting area
  • Clean and sanitise treatment rooms
  • Clean and sanitise toilets
  • Kitchen and staff room clean and sanitise
  • Carpet vacuum or steam clean
  • Windows
  • Sanitise door handles and telephones

We believe that every single person who walks in the healthcare facility expect it to be cleaned hygienically. We are committed to provide you clean and hygienic place to all visitors, patients and staff.

We also provide carpet cleaning and window cleaning services to the healthcare centres. Our services can be tailored according to our client’s needs.