Office Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial Office Cleaning Melbourne

Start your day in a neat and Clean work environment. As a affordable office cleaning service, We believe a clean and tidy office surroundings gives a positive energy to employees to start their day with. All offices have their own cleaning needs and are different in size and building. As a commercial office cleaning company we make sure that we provide a neat, clean and hygienic environment to the employees and the visitors.

It does not matter whether you are looking for weekly or daily office cleaning. We are always there to help you out and alter our services according to our customers needs.

Office Cleaning Melbourne

Office Cleaning Melbourne

Office Cleaning Melbourne

Klean Oz Provide Commercial Cleaning Services Throughout Melbourne

We stand out best in commercial cleaning company because all Klean Oz employees are fully trained to deliver their best in terms of quality cleaning and customer relations. We are committed to meet and exceed our clients expectations and provide them our commercial office cleaning services which they can easily afford without breaking their bank.

Daily Office Cleaning Melbourne

Daily / Weekly Office Cleaning

We provide daily office clean for businesses across Melbourne. We pride ourselves on our professional approach to managing and maintaining our clients’ specific daily cleaning needs.

Hard Floor Cleaning Melbourne

Hard Floor Cleaning

Our officer cleaners are expert with 10 years of experience in cleaning and treating hard floor surfaces such as concrete, marble, terrazzo, vinyl, lino and parquetry to name but a few.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning

Walking on carpet is a nice feeling and we make sure carpet is free from stains, dirt and germs with modern high quality eco friendly chemicals. We also deodorise your carpet.

Window Cleaning Melbourne

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning includes windows clean from inside & out to give a nice look to your house. We have no problem when you want superior service as our window cleaners are rigidly trained.

Office Cleaning Melbourne

Following are the basic cleaning tasks but are not limited:

  • Clean and tidy up all office desks.
  • Clean and disinfect keyboards, mouse and telephones.
  • Dust down computers and clean computer screens.
  • Clean and polish reception desk (timber). Clean and tidy up visitors area.
  • Empty office rubbish bins and replace with fresh bin liners.
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen area including sink, microwave oven, bench top and empty bins and replace bin liners.
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms including vanities, urinals and toilets.
  • Vacuum throughout weekly and daily only high traffic areas for cost effective practice.
  • Mop on hard surfaces daily or weekly.
  • Affordable commercial cleaning service.

Commercial Office Cleaning Melbourne

Get A Quick Quote For Your Office

We can always add on or alter office clean services according to our clients needs to provide them a cost effective solutions for their office cleaning. Please feel free to call us at 0405 051 374 to arrange a free quote.